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Premier Pest Management has 15 years of experience in Naples area pest control. We have professional technicians on the job whether it’s dealing with interior or exterior pests. We also offer other services such as shrub and lawn pest control. Our goal is to ensure the pests stay out of your home and out of your hair. So far we have not come across a pest situation we cannot handle. No job is too big or too small. Why should you choose us? Here are a few reasons we’re better than the competition.

Our Pest Control Incentives & Discounts

Do you happen to need exterior and interior pest control? What if you know a friend who’s in need of dealing with an ant infestation? We offer discounts if you request multiple services in order to save you money. We also offer an incentive program. Recommend a friend or family member to us and we’ll give you $30.00 credit with our company. This means you save even more money if they use one of our services. We’re all about pleasing our customers and providing the highest satisfaction possible. Through this program we hope to help everyone in Naples, Florida be pest free!

Experienced, Environmentally Aware, Pet Friendly

We don’t only have 13 years of experience under our belts. We also have the best pest control experts in Naples. Our company is up to date on the latest techniques in dealing with the small beasties who take it upon themselves to worm their way into our homes. Our professionals will always fully inform you on the best way to deal with your particular infestation and why. We are very familiar with the Naples, Florida critters so we know how to deal with every sort of pest who comes our way.

Are you worried about hurting the environment? No worries. We have eco-friendly ways of dealing with certain pests as well. After all, no one wants to hurt the ecosystem that local wildlife relies so heavily on. Depending upon the infestations we also offer pet friendly methods of dealing with pests as well. Ensuring that your four legged family member is just as safe as you are. When you call us to get rid of the pests we take into consideration everyone’s safety when dealing with the problem.

Pest Control Services we Offer

Now, you’re probably wondering what types of professional pest control we have to offer. We offer pest control for both interior and the exterior of your home. We also work for commercially owned properties. We also offer fertilization & pest control for your lawn.

We have many techniques in insure pests such as ticks and fleas don’t get to comfortable around your home. We also offer services in dealing with weeds and helping your lawn to stay hydrated during the dry seasons when there’s not enough rainfall. Making sure your lawn stays green year round.