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Old post I kept in case it ever gets cold again ūüôā

Recently upon returning from vacation I noticed that everything on my property did not look right, since it was late at night I decided to investigate it further in the morning. Once I looked outside I noticed that most of my shrubs appeared to be dead and others quite stressed out, my palms were singing the blues also along with the grass. I contemplated what might of happened and came to the conclusion that it must have gotten a bit nippy, as in cold while I was gone. After consulting with my employee IRare Cold Days found this to be true. Unfortunately a lot of shrubs some palms and grass that we grow on our properties here in Naples may not do so well with these extreme temperatures.

The best thing you can do now is not to add additional stress to any of these¬†shrubs such as hard cutbacks. Make sure that they are getting an adequate water supply and maybe add some liquid fertilizer along with a proper fungicide which might help pop them out of this state. The most important thing though is to be patient and give them some time you will eventually¬†know what has made it and what hasn’t. Remember if your property is located farther east away from the gulf you will see more damage since it gets cooler the farther inland you are.