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Lawns and Shrub Care, Hydretain

a product that helps draw moisture to the roots of lawn and shrubs. This will aid in not having drought stress problems. This service will need to be provided on a ninety day basis as needed. Lawns with sandier soils will have more problems than lawns that do not. Please do not allow your lawn to get in severe drought stress before allowing Premier Pest Management to apply this product.

Using Hydretain

shrub pest controlHydretain will probably need to be used two to three times a year, depending on weather conditions. In the summer months, lawn and shrubs should be okay because of the amount of precipitation. Customers will need to water all zones of the lawn within two hours after service has been completed. Ten minutes per zone will be adequate.

You may notice from time to time in the drier season of the year, that lawns may not be getting adequate water in small areas. Please do not take care of this by adjusting your sprinklers for extra water throughout the whole lawn, but by checking the sprinkler heads in these areas to ensure they are working properly. If you are seeing these dry areas throughout many areas in the lawn, then it may be time to adjust your sprinklers for longer watering periods in those areas, or having Premier Pest Management apply Hydretain.

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