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I moved into a new home recently, it’s located off Collier in one of the lovely gated communities we have here in Naples. One of the big reasons we moved to this house in particular is the beautiful pool. The only problem was after the summer rains started the ants emerged and for some odd reason all decided to jump into our crystal clear pool.

After some research we learned that it’s likely a neighbor had baited around their home and these ants were already poisoned, in search of water or following the queen to their doom.

Keeping Ants Out of the Pool

You know how to remove ants once they’re in the pool, your trusty skimmer. They are too light and generally won’t reach the bottom of the pool to be removed by the filters. Keeping them from the pool in the first place is pretty simple but a little mess at first. Spread talcum powder In a ring around your pool. I used foot powder because I figured the menthol would annoy them, not sure if it’s true. A great number of the insects will not make it through.

As far as I know only time ( a few days to a week) truly eliminates ant chemical trails. After you set your barrier you’ll need to bait too and John can help with that call him at 239-435-0196. For the DIY inclined get good ant baits and follow the directions on the package exactly.

Stephen James Hall, Naples, FL.

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