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Unless you see indications of an insect infestation such as persistent ant trails, do it yourself pest control is recommended. ¬†For anyone healthy enough to do a little walking and bending it’s good exercise, I know. ūüôā¬†¬†I won’t recommend any products here but there are many choices available including green options. Research on google is a great way to find product information. If you have pets be sure to add that to your search.

DIY Tips:

Follow application instructions for your product completely!

For best results all floors should be cleaned, mopped and vacuumed.

Completely clear all areas like underneath sinks and in kitchen cabinets of dishes, pots and pans before treatment. These areas should first be cleaned thoroughly for best results.

naples floridaTo combat mosquitos in our sometimes very hot and damp climate, be sure all containers, palm tree debris and other big tropical leaves aren’t holding water.

Extra¬†pro tip: ¬†Change¬†your outside lighting to yellow light bulbs. They don’t attract bugs as readily as some others may.

Part time Naples or SWFL resident tips:

Don’t¬†allow traps to dry up in sinks or¬†showers, as roaches can enter through these areas if that happens. It is recommended to run water every few weeks to prevent this.

Be sure that all stored food products are in sealed, unopened containers